Shandali Ultrasport Travel Towel

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Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.   If you’re looking for a way to travel lighter, and your search includes a travel towel, the Shandali Ultrasport Travel Towel may be just what you need. It’s a super absorbent, fast drying microfiber towel that will conveniently replace your bulky bath towels and […]

Watching a Parent Suffer


 I remember going into his room that Sunday morning after he’d had this last, major surgery. Wanting to just take him into my arms and carry him home with me. My dad has been through SO much. More than most would even be capable of surviving. You may remember me writing about the miracle of […]

Alerts on Demand: Put Banner Ads at Work for You. Free, No Credit Card Trial

Do you have a business, blog or brand that you’d like to get the word out for? Know someone who does? Well help yourself or perhaps someone else out by letting them know that if they go to the Alerts on Demand website, free 7 day, no credit card required, no obligation trials are being […]

Nuby Booster Seat Review

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This is my two and a half year old knee baby. These days he’s doing a lot on his own. Hanging with the big boys, spending less time with mom, and he feeds himself surprisingly well. I really didn’t expect him to pick up feeding himself so well nor so soon on his own and […]

Seasons of Gray: A Modern Day Joseph Story (Review with Video Clip)

The compelling story of Brady Gray, the favored son of a two-time widower, begins on location at a Texas ranch. After Brady’s father lavishes him with accolades and gifts, his half-brothers, fed up with his privileged position, force him off the family ranch with a stern warning to never return. What lies ahead is a […]

Ever Bamboo Deodorizer/Dehumidifier and Soap Review

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Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Ever Bamboo Room Deodorizers/Dehumidifiers are all natural moisture absorbers that are made from moso bamboo. According to the packaging, they are designed to last up to a year. You recharge under sunshine every 30-60 days. The bigger ones are designed for rooms up to 100 […]

Somewhat Reluctantly, I’m a New Homeowner Final Part 3

I went back to the closing location with a new determination to not sign anything. My husband had already completed signing his share of things and it would be up to me, or so I though. I pulled our lawyer to the side and tried to get any kind of response saying that we shouldn’t […]

Somewhat Reluctantly, I’m a New Homeowner Part 2

Apparently not. We informed our broker and our lawyer of this newfound problem and told them that we wanted out. We thought that’d be fine. Friday, close day came. My husband had gone in to work as usual. I was at home, going about the day as usual when I got a call from my […]

Nuby Foam Bath Letters and Numbers


  Whether you need a way to interest your child in baths or you’d like to make bathtime more fun and interesting, the Nuby Foam Bath Letters and Numbers are great to have. I guess I fall under the second option, because my toddler already enjoys bathtime. I personally like that the Nuby Foam Bath […]

Somewhat Reluctantly, I’m a New Homeowner Part 1

Ahhh, the American Dream. It is to own a home, right? One sec, let me google American dream and see what results I get…. The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, a set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility achieved […]