Sleepytime Organic Tart Cherry Juice: Yummy Help for Insomnia and More


Insomnia is not something I personally suffer from, but from what i’ve heard from some in my social circles, it’s no fun. The late nights and having a desire to sleep, but sleep won’t come. I’ve personally suffered from sleep disruption, and my husband has it pretty bad as well. I feel bad for him […]

Limm Sport Armband Review

limm armband

There are many instances when having music just makes things go smoother, whether you’re getting your workout on the pavement or while cleaning around the house. I fall into the second group, although I know that there’s a fit for me in the first as well. Many times my hubby complains that I have the […]

Label Everything with the Portable, App-Enabled, Bluetooth Compatible Epson LabelWorks Label Printer {Video}

epson labelworks printer

I am HIGHLY impressed with the Epson LabelWorks printer. The options that you have for printing labels are limited only by your imagination. From the ability to connect wirelessly through bluetooth to being able to design one-of-a-kind personalized labels, it’s the only label printer you’ll need for jobs from business to pleasure. Setup is easy, […]

Uni 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil


I’ve heard of Argan Oil. It was one of those things that for me, suddenly appeared on the scene. I assumed it must have been something good, but never bothered to really research it. This was partially due to the fact that many of the products just cost a lot more than I was willing […]

Priority Chef Dual Julienne and Vegetable Peeler Review #PriorityChef {Video Demo}

vegetable peeler

If you’re looking for a top quality vegetable peeler, look no further than this one made by Priority Chef. I’ve bought several in the past, the last one being just earlier this year. While it gets the job done, the Dual Julienne Vegetable Peeler totally puts my old one to shame. I love adding potatoes […]

#Hot Deal: Limited Time Offer for (New) Costco Membership

costco membership deal

If you’ve been sitting around waiting for that deal to come around where you get a great deal to finally try Costco, today is YOUR day!! I just took advantage of this limited time offer yesterday. I actually saw it before and let it slip through my fingers. Not this time. What do you get […]

Outstanding Quality Orblue Garlic Press {Video Demo Included}

garlic press

Garlic has always been something that my family cooked with. Garlic powder used to suffice for me personally, but now that I know better, my first preference is fresh garlic. Garlic is even more important to me because it’s one of the ingredients that I use to try and give my husband a feeling of […]

Cleopatra’s Choice Shea Butter


Cleopatra’s Choice Shea Butter has everything to love for those who are seeking a natural way to care for hair, skin and even lips. Since it’s 100% pure, unrefined and organic, you can count on it’s safety and efficiency. Some other benefits include that it’s deep absorbing and will provide hasting moisturization. This is great […]

Apothecary Extracts Tea Tree Oil: Learn Some of the Uses of Tea Tree Oil #teatreeoil

tea tree oil

  In the past, i’ve heard of a couple of uses for tea tree oil. One being it’s ability to kill off infections and another being that it can remove skin tags. These two reasons alone are enough to have tea tree oil in my home. More recently, i’ve learned that it has even more uses than […]

Giveaway: Orkin Fact or Fake Quiz


If bugs have ever been an issue at any point in your life, you’ve likely done research and gotten conflicting information. It seriously gets to the point where you don’t know what to believe anymore. Any of these sound familiar? Daddy Longlegs are poisonous Mosquitos Prefer Adults over children Ants can survive underwater Well do […]

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